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Ezee Stretch Canvas Frames take all the difficulty out of stretch framing canvas prints.

Ezee stretch canvas frames do away with all the problems you might have, whilst trying to stretch your own canvas prints.

Why are Ezee Stretch frames different?

The first difference you notice is that it has a card backing which eliminates knocks and dents that can be picked up whilst you are handling the canvas. This backing also adds to the overall feel of the finished product.

Secondly, we have introduced special, double-sided tape around the edges and back, which means that lining up your canvas print up has never been easier, as the canvas can be held in place and easily removed.

Unlike conventional methods of box stretching canvas prints, this will take you merely minutes to achieve the same finish as professional framers. This unique product gives anybody the ability to finish canvas prints to a gallery standard whilst still retaining the charm of wooden framed canvas prints…

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Ezee blocks take all the difficulty out of creating a photo mount block.

Desk Blocks

  • 15mm or 25mm deep blocks.
  • Pre applied self adhesive film for easy mounting of your printed image.
  • The edges and back of each block are finished with a premium black coating giving you the perfect result.
  • Available in 6” x 4” , 8” x 6”, 10” x 8”.
  • All blocks are slightly undersized for easy positioning and mounting of images.

Wall Blocks

  • 18mm deep photo block.
  • Pre-applied self adhesive film for easy mounting of your printed image.
  • Black or White PVC edging giving you the perfect result.
  • All blocks have keyhole hangers for either portrait or landscape hanging.Available in A4, A3, A2, A1, 10 and 16 inch squares and a 12 x 36 inch panoramic.

The Ezee Signature frame adds a new depth to your stretched canvas frame or photo block.

These quality boxed frames will allow you to easily create a floating style framed canvas or block.

Sized, joined and ready for your artwork.

Available in both black and white and in standard and custom sizes.